guage cluster

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Mar 12, 2003
hello folks.

my oil pressure, engine temp, and fuel guages all went out at the same time on friday. i was drivin off road a little, bouncing around and in some water. they all worked when i shut the car off, but when i started back up they no worky. i've been needing to rewire some stuff, but wanted some suggestions before i pulled everything out. i know all areas that the gauges measure work fine because i just put 180 miles on the odometer.

so let me know what anyone thinks.
Sounds like one of two thing to me;
The cluster harness has a connector after about 10" of wire which may have come loose. There are two of them "mounted" on the firewall just above the fuse box.
Either that or you have lost the common ground that they all share. Loose or broken probably.

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