GSMTR 2015

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Jan 14, 2010
So, I know it's early, but I'm putting in vacation requests for the year right now. Who all is planning to go for the whole week? Or what dates is everyone planning to head up? What days do most folks arrive?
Jeremy, are you driving your 80 or 100? Or perhaps the 40?
The 80, I would imagine. It did fine last year. The 100 is in time-out for the foreseeable future after the differential Clemson'd in Uwharrie... The 40 is running well, but the PO did a lot of work on it and I need to sort a few things out before I take it wheeling.
Nice. I have a few things left to tie up on my 80. Taking my flares off this weekend (I broke the two on the driver side), installing a Warn M12000 next month, then replacing my PHH and upper radiator hose. Then I should be good to go for a bit and ready for GSMTR.

My wife got my windows tinted for Christmas. It's so nice. 5% all around the back and passenger windows. 15% on the front two.
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I'll be going up Wed to get an extra day of wheeling in.
I will probably be going up Wednesday, taking thursday and friday off!
Sounds like Wednesday is the date so far.
Your Mom will let you stay until Sunday,
I'm not sure why it is a week earlier this year, we usually leave Wed. after Mother's day.
My mom probably will but Laney's mom probably won't LOL!! Are we thinking about a cabin again or should we get a bunkhouse...I know it's probably a little early to be thinking about that!
cabin's already reserved
Roger did it a week earlier so you could buy the yearly pass and use it again this coming year.
Between work, school and trying to get the mini together this year I won't be able to make it. But on the other hand the end result is worth the wait!
I am toying with the 80 vs. GX. I have to rebuild the axles in the 80 and get tires, so not sure if I can get it them in time.
On one hand, I want to see the Avacado, on the other hand, I want to see the GX wheel. Axle rebuild and tires shouldn't take long.

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