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18th Annual Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride

Tellico OHV

Yes is it time to start planning for this event. Actually we started before the last one was done. So mark you calendars now. Go ahead and tell the boss you need these dates off.

Format will be similar to the way it has been in the past.

Going to be a big turnout this year. Expecting over 200 vehicles and 300 people.

Thanks. PM me if you have any questions.
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Don't know if you guys check the Upstate Cruiser forum or not:

As I'm sure you are aware, Tellico is under severe threat with a recently announced "temporary" closure until 2011. All along, this years GSMTR was about raising funds for the "Rescue Tellico" effort. Even with Tellico temporarily closed, we are not giving up on supporting and fighting for the cause. So, what does that mean for GSMTR '09?

GSMTR '09 will still happen but it will be a Rally even more highly focused on raising funds for "Rescue Tellico".

  • The event will run from Thursday thru Sunday, June 18th through the 21st.
  • We will have a parts swap Friday as well as a Rock Climb Competition
  • We will have a tug-o-war on Saturday
  • We will as a group drive through Murphy Saturday to show support for the local community.
  • We will as a group drive up the skyway and back through trail 1.
  • We will have a big raffle at the event on Saturday
  • We will have a 5 big item online raffle
  • We will have dinner for Friday and Saturday night.
We will donate all (100%) profits to the Rescue Tellico fund for the fight to open Tellico back up. The event will be a pay as you go event. Book your reservations at Crawfords, and pay for meals, raffles etc... at the event.

As far as your currently pre-paid registration dollars, all will be refunded in full. Those of you who wrote checks will receive a check within the next 10 days. Those of you who paid through Paypal, you have a choice of check or Paypal (there are fees associated with that). Please just let me know how you'd prefer to be refunded. If your address has changed from the time you registered, let me know your new address.

And, PLEASE support the "Rescue Tellico" cause, don't change your plans to attend this years GSMTR! This may be the most important event of the year. The cause needs support, financial as well as through a show of support for the community. If your plan now is to go somewhere else during GSMTR your letting them win. We have a chance to make a difference. A very big difference. I will also promise you will have a really good time. It's a beautiful place.


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