Grinding Noise Left Side



Nov 29, 2021
New Zealand
Hello Team,

1992 Landcruiser VX Limited, 50mm lift (hard springs) corrected castor bushing, 33 12.5 15 tires, extended brake lines and diff breather. Triple Locked w 4spd Auto.

With the 50mm lift it all has standard drive shaft and worked without issues no noise or anything just after when weve installed a part time kit it started.

The diff was checked not long ago with fresh oil.

The transfer case has been inspected and checked prior to putting on the part time kit on it.

-Then we installed part time with locking hubs.

-We tested wether all hubs working and they ware no noise at all but once I hit the highway it began when driving around 30kph on free hubs you would hear this grinding noise from the front left.This sound would last around 1-5 seconds depending on how you would hold the accelerator and also happends during decelaration ( just before you place pressure on the gas pedal and lifting it off). No noise at all from 1st gear to 4th at first until decelaration sound then it start within that manner it is even worst around around 100kph. The sound disappears but returns upon initial accelerations and decelaration.

We've checked the shaft and hubs they all feel and look fine with seals and hubs was done 7k.

Yeah idk what causing it its annoying me. Please help. Thanks in advance

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