Grab bars

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Jul 27, 2005
Roseville, CA
Any of you guys run these in your 60's? How do you like them? I have a bit of a dilemma, I like the way they look and I think passengers will benefit from it; However, I'll probably never use it and I'd hate to drill holes in the dash.

What do you think?
Grab a stocker from a 62, id have to look at my truck to see but i dont think the screws are as obvious on the stocker. I doubt youd regret it, like you said it looks cool and I think its just courtesy for the passenger to have something to hold on to while you fling them around offroad haha.
Yea, I was looking at the stock 62 one from SOR as well. There's quite a price difference between the two. The stock 62 handle would be the way to go.
I got an original one from (used, of course) for 35.00 (I think)You don't see the screws on them.
I bought 2 brand new ones (FJ62 type), for my brown interior and my grey interior for about $45 ea. from Toyota dealer a few years ago.

Rumor has it that they've been discontinued since then, but I dunno.
got mine from

you won't be sorry you did it. It looks stock, and my wife is like 5' tall - she reeeaaallly likes. ;) I hate drilling holes in my truck, too. you mind it for installing this.

and yup, $35 and little cleaning up. I get alot of misc stuff from james at
Ditto on the short wife deal. I need a grab bar also. Keep your eye open for a used 62 dash bar.
:cool: That 62 series dash bar looks nice. I think I'm going to go for it, I just hope I can get installed nice and level w/o drilling to many holes. LOL

Thanks for the input :cheers:
Picture from from FJ62...

cruiser parts. if you specify a color, like i did ( brown,) you might wait a while, like i did ( 3 months)
I didnt care, and they kept me posted. I like it, its only two holes, and the screws are hidden.
looks cool too!

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