Got a problem..NEED HELP..and yes i already checked the fAQ

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Nov 14, 2009
I have a 94 has run great for me i have owned it for a year and a half. When i bought it the previous owner told me that it had lots of service and offered the number and contact for a life long mechanic that has done the service on the truck over its life..that was supposed to include a waterpump and timing chain at around 150k..the truck now has 196k. I consider myself a mid level in skills for working on cars and trucks but new to toyota's. Anywho..there is a pretty loud ticking sound coming from the engine. It is a constant tick, tick, tick. It sound actually like if you had a back lifter tick or valve train tick but that is deff. not what it is. Its not coming anywhere from the top of the motor at all. It sounds to be coming from the alternator area..the alternator is also fairly new..u can even tell by the looks of it. Now all i have done so far is remove the roller tensioner for the belts to make sure that it was not bad bearing in was not. My question is does this sound like anything you have heard before? Is it likely that it could be a loose timing chain slapping around, could it be the bearings in the alternator.? The sound never stops under a load or not...and the tick gets faster with the engine revving higher but never stops. I am looking for some help with where to start trouble shooting this problem..thanks ahead of time!
The timing chains in these are supposed to be "done" when the engine is rebuilt. That would be a huge red flag to me.

Unfortunately, your ticking could be from a lot of places. You will need to use a mechanics stethoscope to narrow it down.
yeah..the motor was not rebuilt. Just the waterpump and the timing chain were supposed to have been done. Does anyone think the chain could be a possible suspect? would it make noise around that area?
my 95 had a knocking sound last fall that you would swear was the timing chain slapping around or something. Turned out to be 2 teeth missing on the alt belt. Replaced all three belts for good measure and it was smooth as silk. Not sure if that's your issue but just wanted you to know.
Um FWIW Why do your belts have teeth??? The 1FZ-FE has smooth v type belts
Most aftermarket belts have ribs in the bottom of the "V". They tend to whine a lot. Genuine Toyota are straight "V".
Oh my aftermarkets were smooth v type when i bought my rig. IIRC they were Goodyear. Changed to Toyota ...they were cheaper and i didn't have to order them
ok..well my belts have grooves but they also had grooves before the truck made this noise..anyone have any helpful thoughts towards this problem..
If it has a new alternator it might be the alternator fan rubbing---might be worth checking:wrench:
get a mechanic stethescope and pin point where the sound is coming from then we'll tell you how to fix it.
Yep - get a stethescope. $20 at any auto parts store.

well i guess thats what i will have to had the same alternator before and it did not make the noise..not to say that may not have changed

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