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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
Selling my 86 FJ60, I used this truck the last two winters and it has been a drop dead dependable rig. Starts easily every time, no matter what the temperature is. Brakes work fine, full pedal, handles fine on the road. This truck looks like it has never been off-roaded as it’s not beat up underneath. Basically it’s a solid old cruiser, all the doors and hood shut correctly and seal well. Sheet metal is all in good shape except for rear quarter rust around the wheel well.

All glass is good, all lights work even the side lights. License plate light and chrome is in good shape. Same key works the ignition and all of the door locks. Wipers work perfectly and have new Toyota blades. Heater works great, rear heater, too. Rear wiper works, never tried the rear washer but the front washer works. I believe the AC is cold, too although I have only been driving the truck in winter. Has a real nice high powered Pioneer CD player built nicely into the dash, and it sounds great/ CD player works fine and the radio gets great reception. Speakers are good. Both interior dome lights work as they should. Has nice chrome 62-style mirrors (non power).

Interior is excellent except for the normal tear on the outside of the driver seat bottom cushion. It’s a gray interior and the dash pad is very nice. Console is good, too although the lid is slightly loose (I don’t remember why). Carpets OK, cargo carpet pretty nice. Headliner is excellent as are the visors. All door locks work fine. Driver door window needs help at the very top of its travel but I have an extra regulator I will throw in with the truck. PO made some nice wood replacements for the cargo area side panels. Look nice and are a great base for the aftermarket speakers mounted back there.

Body wise it’s dark blue, the upper hatch is a slightly different shade of blue than the rest of the truck. Tailgate and liftgate are rust free, and I believe the doors are rust free. The rust is in the rear wheel well area on both sides- typical for a northeast truck. I doubt this thing was ever in an accident but can’t say for sure. The frame looks good I believe it is problem free. No rust on the roof. This ain’t a perfect truck but for the money it’s pretty solid and all in all a decent looking 60 for the money.

Mechanically it is sound. The engine sounds good and as mentioned earlier starts readily every time. Choke works perfectly, and there are no exhaust leaks that I know of (unusual in a 60 priced as low as this one is). Before I bought it someone had done some work to this truck, including a new fan clutch and water pump (Toyota parts not aftermarket). Gauges show good oil pressure and the temp gauge stays smack dab in the middle at all times once it’s warmed up. Never ever ran hot on me. Charges as it should and the battery has never been an issue.

Clutch is strong, tranny and transfer work and shift perfectly. Rears are good and it has the good gold Aisin hubs on it. They turn freely. This thing is a tank in the snow and helped me many days make the 35 mile drive each way to and from work in some nasty snow events. The shift from first to second is a bit balky first time through the gears but never an issue after that.

Smog pump was removed and replaced with a cool Jim C pump eliminator bracket. Works great and retains the original belt. There’s about 2000 miles on a complete tuneup that used all OEM Toy parts. Rear brakes were done at the same time as the tuneup and used OEM brake shoes. The AC was charged at that time and was ice cold. Tires are four matching 31” Bridgestone with good tread on stock steel wheels. The spare carrier winds down as it should and a jack and some tools are included.

The bad………has a minor power steering fluid leak. Has an engine oil leak that isn’t too bad but it does leak a bit. I have to add PS fluid more often than engine oil in fact it doesn’t take a lot of oil. Rust in the rear wheelwells you’ll see it when I post pics later today. I already mentioned the driver door window is tight at the top of its travel. This thing takes gas slowly and at times there is a gas odor outside the truck. The PO mentioned something about the plastic evaporator/breather unit being a problem, I never looked into it. I do have a replacement plastic breather that I will include with the truck.

All in all it’s a decent looking unmolested 60 and I believe a very good buy for $1300. This is a buy it and drive it truck, mileage is 160K, and yes I have a clear title in my name. It is currently licensed, insured and inspected here in PA (drove it to work today so I can pick up my 40 fenders at the paint shop!!!). Located in northeastern PA not far from Rausch Creek off-road park. Best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast and also at work You can call, too- work phone is 610-208-3792. Thanks, Gary S
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Jul 14, 2008
Baltimore, MD
if it falls through, send me a pm. i'm up in harrisburg quite a bit, doesn't look like you are too much farther from there.

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