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Feb 1, 2021
Boulder, CO
Hi, brand new to the forum!

I own a 1993 Japanese import FJ80 with 1HZ Diesel for a few months.

Since it is cold in Colorado, my car has difficulty starting when temperatures are below freezing (i.e. often). I changed the fuel filter and I also changed the glow plugs. The glow plugs I got are:

Glow plug (BOOST VENTILATOR-GV=24V-23V) for HZJ7x-series vehicles, 1HZ engine. (01/1993-05/1997) [this the description on (CRUISERPARTS.COM -]

However, I am not sure if these are the correct type for my Japanese 1HZ engine as the car still starts very poorly. I wonder how I can figure out whether I need 12 Volt (or 11 Volt?) glow plugs instead (not able to find the answer in the forum or anywhere else Google takes me).

1. The voltage measured at the glow plug is 12 Volts (battery voltage).
2. The car has two batteries, but it seems to me only the starter works at 24 Volts (the batteries get switched inline only when cranking the engine it seems).
3. I tried to find the specs for the resistance for 1HZ glow plugs but was not able to find it.
4. Wiring diagrams are confusing to me as there are different versions for Australia/Europe and I am not sure what applies to Japanese cars.

Any help to determine the correct glow plug for the Japanese 1HZ engine would be much appreciated.
Dec 22, 2015
Whitefish/Bozeman, MT
Use your VIN/14-digit frame number and plug it into one of these websites to find the appropriate parts:

Also, this website can be used to cross reference part numbers to find out what other Toyota models share the same part:

It sounds like you have a 12v vehicle with the 24v starting system, common in diesel JDM 80-series. The glow plug part number that shows up for that vehicle is 19850-64031.
They are available here:

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