Glovebox Radio Mount

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Mar 22, 2007
Yesterday I saw a mounting box to mount a new style radio into the glove box of an FJ40. I didn't save it to favorites and now after several searches cannot find it again. Does anyone know who makes this? I want to put gauges in the old radio hole and have a new CD player in the glovebox.
ive seen them on ebay,but you can get them at tractor supply to but a radio on a roof of a tractor.youd just flip it and put it in glovebox
Thanks. That's where I thought it was. I guess I should of used stereo instead of radio in my search.
My FJ40 had a radio mounted in the glove box. What a pain in the ass. Unless you have a remote control, you can't easily tune or adjust it, and it's impossible to do it safely while driving.

I had a plastic mount, which was spaced off the floor of the glove box. Dunno where I put it, or even if I still have it.

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