Getting ready to re-assemble my 2F???

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Jul 2, 2002
New Hampshire
I got my engine back from the machine shop a few weeks ago and I might actually have some time over the next week or two to start putting it back together. But I have a few questions. I've done some searches and can't seem to find the size for the 5 large freeze plugs in the block? I hope they are 50mm (I just ordered some this morning from Napa) because that's what I though I had read here before but now I can't find it. I also found it odd that the machine shop didn't install the pistons on the rods. Everything's been balanced but I still need to fit the pistons. I've only built a few motors and everything else I've assembled had press fit pins, not the pinch bolt arrangement the 2F has. Any special trick to this, or just torque them to spec?

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