Getting my ride this week- need some manuals

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Mar 3, 2010
Hey all- I'll be getting my bj44 later this week. I'm in the market for an english owners manual as well as a pertinent workshop manuals (factory and other wise) for this model.

The production date was listed as 11/80 and it has a 2b with the radiator hose going to the right side. Any leads? I have seen the downloads page but I have not been able to find all the info related to this truck. And I'd like to have the stuff in print anyhow.

Can't freakin wait to get this thing. My 89 Nissan Safari (patrol for those in oz.) is going to be very jealous.

Don't think the BJ 44s were ever sold in NA. Best bet for an anguish manual might be in Australia, such as, or New Zealand, such as Getting a FSM in English could be very difficult.

Congrats on the new addition. Don't worry about the Safari, they are tough all around. ;)
poke around mud, there is a link from MattF where you can d/l factory manuals. Maybe not for the 44, specifically, but certainly for the B motor(s) and for the 40 chassis/body.
if you are an 11/80, you are the very beginnig of 1981 production. When you say right with the rad hose does that mean right when driving or looking at the engine from the front towards the back. Easier way to say it is that the inlet and outlet are the same side.

If you have the in/out on the same side, you have the newer model of the 2B engine with mostly 3B stuff. If not then you have mostly B engine stuff. The b/2b/3b manual will be fine, just make sure to get the pre or post 8/80 depending on the engine you have.

The 8/80 (1981) and later 40/60 chassis manual covers everything you need for the body. It even has the 43 chassis frame information. Really no need for anything 44 specific as it is all the same. the only thing is that some of the wiring colors are a little different from the electrical diagram, but a good voltmeter sorts that out...

Let me know if you have any specific questions as you work through your rig.

Thanks fellas- I found one manual that seems applicable on the Oz site. And I'm working on the downloads. Kraig- are you talking about the manual listed as "PN: 36044E Description: Chassis and body manual for the LC BJ 40/42/43/45/46/60 series, FJ 40/43/45/60 series & HJ 47/60 series - 1980" I need a seed for that one if anyone has it. I have the one listed as 1984 as well as the b/2b and the 3b set almost complete.

The radiator inlet is on the right side (as your sitting in the car) but I don't have a pic showing the lower outlet location. Anyhow the inlet is on the exhaust side.

In terms of advice on the 2b the first thing I'm wondering about is parts availability- now as well as in the future. I'll probably have this thing a long time so eventually I'll have to decide whether to keep the 2b or find another motor with better availability. As for now with 160,000km on the clock a list of recommended maintenance items would be great. Though the fluids have been changed regularly I doubt much if any of the mechanicals have been touched

Also did you ever find a roll bar for the 44. I want to put in rear 3 point seat belts with the possibility of running without the roof. So I'll need a roll bar to tie into.

Also I'll be looking for new window seals all around- are the sliding glass windows 44 specific and if so is there a source for them?



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