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Nov 4, 2007
I'm on the final stretch of my build, and should be ready to turn the engine over in another week (hopefully). The engine (rebuilt) has been sitting idle in the chasis for about a year, should I skirt some oil in each cylinder before turning it over? How much and does it matter what type of oil?
Prime the oil pump........

Cut the handle off one of your longest flat blade screwdriver. Chuck the screwdriver shaft into your hand drill and wave the assembly in a threatening manner at the engine. Fill the engine sump with oil till the dipstick reads full. Stuff that homegrown oil-pump priming tool down the distributor hole, slip the screwdriver blade into the pump shaft slot and spin it till you burn up the drill motor (or until your oil pressure gauge in the dash shows full pressure). The drill will spin very easily for a long time, then it will slow down and you'll have to lean on it to keep it from popping out. This is when the oil is actually pumping and pressurizing the system. Your engine is now ready to fire immediately. Drop in the distributor with the rotor pointing at #1 on the cap, line up the points/electronic trigger/etc to the firing position, and start the engine on the first twist. (always very gratifying...)
That's pretty much it---but a squirt wont hurt:) You can use pen oil, wd40, or a squirt from an oil can

I also rotated the engine through by hand first

I had a brand new direct reading harley oil pressure gauge and pulled the sender and screwed that in place so I could read actual pressure

Check for water leaks from the rear heater, the rear heater unions near the front and the front heater. Of course the water pump area and head.

Then check your oil pan gasket and rear main seal

if you filled your rad all the way up cold it may burp some out for quite a while as it expands.

make sure you didnt forget any tools in there, nothing around the fan, and that no wires are laying on the hot exhaust

great to start up for the first time!

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