FZJ80 Diff Lock switch with ARBs

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Jun 28, 2005
i've got a 4runner actually, but am using an fzj80 diff lock switch to turn on the front and rear arb air lockers. the shop that installed the rear locker didn't have much trouble wiring it up to the switch. but just recently i finally got a front locker, and went to a different, closer shop for the install. they got it in and the air lines run, but couldn't figure out how to make the toyota switch work with the front arb locker.

has anyone here used this switch for dual arbs and have some advice? or maybe have some helpful wiring schematics? i thought it'd be easy, but apparently it's not so simple. i'm not quite there yet to wire this up myself, but am trying to get some info to head back to that shop with to help them get it wired.
When you open it all up it is basic - the compressor switch when turned on ( and with one of the wires off that switch) will send power to the OEM 80 series switch - then one of the wires on the switch goes to the air solonoid for the front locker - and one to the air solonoid for the back locker ( hopefully you have the plug which fits into the OEM 80 series locker switch with the three wires coming out of it)

Switch color code info

yep, finally got the switch hooked up to both lockers today. thanks guys for the helpful info. :)

That does indeed look very sweet. Good job.

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