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Jul 22, 2003
Need help! I have a stock '72 FJ-40 and must replace the fuel lines. I can not find the line from the fuel filter to the stock pump. This is about 8 inches long with threaded female conections on both ends and rubber line between. I have called SOR, Man-a-Fre, Toyota, local hotrod shop and NAPA parts. No one seems to carry this item. Any direction or help would be appreciated!
can you use the rubber fuel hose? I dont know, think my 40 has rubber on the passenger side, course it has an electric pump. would think if the connectors are good you could cut those off with enough room to clamp a rubber hose on and be good, long as its not too near the engine.
I ended up doing just what Thorvald suggests, for the very reason you ask. Maybe someone knows of a replacement hose that fits, though?
I bought the part you mentioned from SOR used a year or 2 ago. Has a hard connection on both ends and looks like HD surgical tube inbetween. About 7" long? Later model toy fuel line screw ons will fit the ones on your pump and line. I think you will need 2 females. If you want ot get fancy you can buy the fittings and take them to a hose shop and they can make you waht you need. Easier would be to get a female connector with a stub of pipe on it; cut the male off the tank end then run a 3/8" hunk of fuel in between.

I don't see your name as an active member of the GA Cruisers is this correct? Would you like to join.

Kevin Schulte
Ok, so I may be confused. On my '75(I know yours is earlier) I have a had line from the tank that appears under the FW. Between that and the fiter is just ruber tube. Then there is rubber tube between the filter and the manuel FP.

On a side note, I needed a replacement for the hard line that goes from the manuel FP to the cab. I took what was left of mine(about 4" too short) and they built me a soft line that had the correct ends for about $15...I would think that if you reqire this you just need to find a good shop in your area.
Thanks guys for the direction. I finally took the hose down to the local farm implements store in my small town and we built a new line. Not original but works great for about $15. Thanks for the help. Kuhndog
well as advice to others, i ran rubber line all the way...and no problems yet...

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