Fuel Leak

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May 19, 2010
My '88 FJ62 is leaking fuel when the tank is full. I looked at it and noticed that there are 4 lines coming up from the tank (not the fill or vent line), go through the inner-fender well, and go up to a black box inside the rear cargo (behind the panel, passenger side rear). ???? They are rubber hose and have metal lines about 4 inches long that connect the rubber through the inner-fender. The lines are right next to the fill hose and the gas door release goes next to the black box. What is this box and how should I fix the hoses? Thank's for any help.
Oh, and it is leaking from where the lines go through the fender-well. Fuel also seems to be getting trapped in the rear-bottom quarter right under the fuel door. Uhg!!!
Pictures of the hoses going in through the fender well from gas tank (leak area) and the picture of the hoses as they go up to box (behind rear cargo panel).

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