For Sale FS/Trade: One owner Sep '79 FJ40 GA

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Well, technically I'm the very new second owner. My wife spotted this truck and sent me a pic while I was in Korea a few months ago. Fast forward, As soon as I got back, I went by the residence and left a note. No call back. I then asked a friend that lived in the neighborhood to try and contact the owner. It worked and a conversation and trip to the residence later, I bought it.

I bought a September 1979 Freeborn Red FJ40 from the original owner. He bought it new from the showroom floor in Atlanta back in early 1980. The truck was used on the gentleman's farm in north GA when he and his wife would go there from Macon. Around 2008, the truck somehow rolled back down their steep driveway and the passenger door while open, clipped their bricked mailbox. The owner pulled the land cruiser to the top of his driveway and it sat there until I bought it. I genuinely could not pass on this truck knowing that it would remain outside and eventually go bad. Again, I bought the truck because the owner said he didn't want to leave it at his farm and his garage spaces were taken....

If you read through this thread you'll see that I replaced fuel filter, oil filter, replace fuel pump, cleaned fuel cell, and ultimately the hard fuel line leading into the tank (was completely clogged with hardened rust/tar.). Yesterday, after finally figuring out why the truck wasn't getting fuel, I properly unclogged the line and buttoned her back up. She fired right up. I decided took take her on a two mile test run. The truck did great. No sputtering, no odd smells, no odd noises, no over heating. I was really impressed with the highway gearing since my '71 has the lower gearing. I was able to hit 55mph... Could have kept going but didn't. Drove her back home... Oh yeah, it was dark, raining, and the tires are bald. The vid is me coming back, recorded by my wife.

So! I'm at the point where I wanted to be with the truck.... Save it from sitting for six more years out in the elements. I've got her starting, running, driving, and stopping. My intentions are to sell BUT, I'll consider trades of the 45 series flavor.

The truck:
The good-
One owner
Sep 1979 FJ40
No power steering or AC
Highway gearing
Solid truck
Virtually original everything
Very minimum rust

The bad-
Rust.. I was amazed at how rust free the truck is. There's surface rust but no cancer that I've found. I will post pics to prove it. ;)
When the truck's door hit the mailbox, it tweaked the cowl and rocker panel. It completely damaged the door. You can see where he had someone attempt to repair it. However, there is a three quarter in gap between the windshield frame and the door.

For the purpose of forum rules..... The price is $9999 OBO. OR a very nice 45 Series. LV, LPB, SWB, in that order :)

I'm in Macon. I am in Augusta/FT. Gordon attending an Army school during the week. I'll be in Macon on the weekends. I welcome test drives I will post more pics and videos... And post requested videos and pics.

This is a great start on a late model 40. The slight body damage is the only major thing to address. OR SERIOUS inquiries can call or text. 7065135318. Daniel

Again, I'll post up pics as soon as I can. I'll answer any questions too. Thanks!
Also off the top of my head. All lights work, except one of the reverse lights... Probably the bulb. Wipers work. Heater blows. Has original jack and jack tools. It came with a very nice rubber TOYOTA rubber mat with no tears. One wheel cylinder leaks. I'll replace it this weekend. Also, I'm acquiring 31 inch BFG ATs with 70% tread. I'll install those as well.
New NKG spark plugs.
New battery with three year warranty.
I sent you an me!
I sent you an me!
Wowzers! My inbox blew up in a matter of hours. Nothing official yet.... however, it is looking like the FJ40 is headed to New York. Looks like it sold in a couple hours..... I'll post if/when sold. Sorry Robert!!!
I just talked to that "someone" and while I am trying to maintain a friendship with said "someone", I am struggling to not be really mad at "someone" for getting this 40 before me!

Very nice truck! If "someone" decides he already has enough Cruisers and wants to share generously, I'd love a call!

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