For Sale FS: Solid 1976 FJ40, Milton, ON, Canada (needs some work and reassembly)

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United States

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately I've got to sell my FJ40.
Last year I quickly moved to the US for a job and had to leave my FJ rebuild "as is" back in Ontario. We've now sold our house and I need to say bye to my truck. This is a difficult situation as I'm still in the states.

I'm selling a 1976 FJ40 that I imported from the US about 5 years ago (and fully imported so I have an Ontario slip for it and everything). I got it from a member on this forum and I imported it from NC but it was in Arizona before that. I doubt its ever seen snow let alone salt.

Here's the run down:
Its frame is in very good condition, no signs of damage or repairs, lots of factory paint still on it
The body in ok condition (some rust behind the checkerboard rear guards, a few spots around the doors)
Paint is super faded and you can see respray and some flaking
Body was raised with poly spacers
Has a winch I've never tried
Fiberglass roof has some flaking
Rear fenders were trimmed to allow for the bigger wheels, I have some replacement OEM style fenders that can be welded on
Other than the main body and some front fenders I've removed all the body panels (thought it would only take a few hours to put it all back together)

Standard inline-6 gas, though has been rebuilt
Transmission was upgraded to 5spd
I drove it when I got it 5 years ago and started the engine every now and then since.
I was redoing the wiring harness as it was a bit of a mess in some areas.

I sold the huge wheels it came with and bought 5 OEM 70's land cruiser rims from Toyota, they are still factory Black ... they do not have tires on them (the car is on jacks)

Everything else:
I've been collecting all the OEM pieces to make it complete. I have a ton of spares and almost all the original parts, except:
- It does not have a gas tank
- It does not have seat belts
- It does not have seats
- Missing some emblems and little things like that
- No rear heater core and some of the dash heater pipes
- Has only 1 back folding side seat
- Foam dash strip has some cuts in it

Extra's you can take along with the cruiser:
- Engine Lift (doesn't come apart ... it's big!, see red thing in the pics)
- Motor stand
- Lots of jack stands

It's a bit of a weird situation so I'm only interested in serious buyers that are willing to work with me on moving it out. The house is being rented so people can't just show up, there's a lot of coordination I'll need to do.

The fact that it's on blocks and there are no tires is unfortunate. I'd hate to mount tires on the brand new factory rims before painting them just to roll it onto a flatbed, hopefully you have some wheels that could be mounted but it's possible to go get some quick tires on the rims and get it rolling.

Selling for $4000 CDN

Some of these pictures are a bit dated. As I mentioned, its on jack stands and I've removed most body panels. I've done some sanding as well and welded up some drill holes in the body.

I also did not take a picture of the spares. I'll see if I can find one, but essentially a shelf about half the size shown in the last pic with just tons of stuff. Brand new master cylinders, replacement lights, extra speedometers, glass panels, tubes, etc etc

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Hey mcdaddy59,

Yes, I have doors, top, factory roll bar, factory rear bumpers, etc.

Pretty I have much have all the OEM parts minus 1 rear jump seat, some heater core parts, gas tank, seats/seatbelts, emblems. ... and of course no tires on my OEM rims (but that's not as tough to fix).

It has some seats and belts but they aren't OEM style and questionable safety.
Again, the engine started last I tried it and I drove it into the garage. I was just in the middle of the body work, cleaning up the wiring and finding the last few missing parts.
I've found a few more pictures of the truck. Thanks!

Taking body panels off and exposing the areas that need work always make things look worse than they are. It's honestly in decent condition. The frame is solid, the body is good (needs some work), floors are solid. All the doors are in good condition.

The shelf in the background of these pictures has a bunch of spares that would be coming with it too.

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