FS: FJ80 - 1992 white - Upstate NY (Albany)

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United States
Hello. I got vw so i posted this for sale on vwvortex.com.
Instead of retyping it out, i just did a cut/copy/paste of my post from there. If anyone has any questions, shoot me an email - aintnohalfstppn@gmail.com

158,xxx miles
Runs real good and is in real good shape.
asking $5200 or b/o, but I would also be interest in a trade of some sort + cash.
Feel free to make any kinds of offers.
The Goods:
lockable center differential
remote starter
3 rows of seats
power moonroof
Air Conditioning
AM/FM/CD/Tape player

I've only put about 7,000 miles on it and have done the following within the last 18 months:
New OEM antenna mast (summer/05)
Refurbished rear wiper motor (spring/05)
new plugs and wires and distributor (12/05)
changed differntial fluids (12/05)
new muffler (8/05)
new master cylinder (2/06)
a couple new brake lines (2/06)
changed brake fluid (2/06)
some new power steering lines (summer/05)
brand new tires (5/06) - less than 100 miles on them
4 new pioneer speakers (12/04)
new shocks (10/06)
new cat's and o2's from a local shop, nice and quiet now (10/06)

The previous owner put alot big dollar parts into it as well.
A/C Condensor with new style R134A refrigerant.

a couple spots of rust, but nothing bad.
leaks a little power steering fluid. the line from the cooler had rusted out and i got a chunk of brake line thrown in to replace the leaky spot, but i think it still leaks a tad where the new line is(nothing bad, just being honest)

I have lots of receipts.

what i'm looking for preferabbly is a either a vr6 gti/jetta manual in a fairly decent condition that runs healthy. i'm not looking for anything crazy as i would just like to make it my daily driver.
i'm open to any kinds of trades though, any audis, passats, golfs, trucks, vans, whatever with 4 wheels and runs good.

reason for me selling?
just want something different. i don't need to sell; i just don't really need an 7/8 passenger suv for myself.

not really new pics, but looks the same:



updated 1/31
well, it died over the weekend...the culprit was the alternator crapped out.
so, as of yesterday, i dropped over $500 to replace the alternator, get a nys inspection and swap out an o2 sensor.
the place told me that the cel was from the o2 sensor, so the put a new one in and it's still there. maybe it's the other o2,. i don't know. runs good now, just dirty as sh!!t from the winter roads.
i still owe a little bit on the land cruiser, but it will be paid off within a week or so and then i'll have a sparkly clean title.
somebody make some offers :beer:

update 2/2

i just paid it off! hopefully a new title will be sent soon

update 3/1
dirty-work-parking-lot pics from 5 o'clock today





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