Fs : Fj40, hj45, fj60, sl500

Jun 28, 2008
Listing for a friend of mine who is liquidating his collection! All questions should be directed to Jaime at Colochito42@yahoo.com.
I have seen all of these vehicles and driven most of them - however I am not a car dealer and cannot take any responsibility if i make any mistakes in these listings - I'm just trying to help out a computer-illiterate friend, and find some good trucks a nice home!

All vehicles are located in Agoura Hills, California 91301

The HZJ75 in the photo album is not for sale yet, as Jaime plans on adding a new ARB front bumper, roof rack and snorkel to it before it is for sale.

All pictures are HERE

1. Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 LHD 1976 $24000 OBO
350 Chev, T-350 Trans, Disc Brake front/Drum rear with Lockers in both axles. Soft top with hard and soft doors. Full custom interior with racing seats and rear bench seat upholstered to match, with harnesses. Family roll-cage. Full stereo. GasCan and Storage boxes on rollcage. Spotlights. Saginaw PS. 5in Lift on 33in BFG AT. Current registration and smog
2. Toyota Landcruiser HJ45 LHD 1973 $22000 OBO
2H Diesel, 4 speed transmission, 12v. Disc front end conversion and drum rear. 5 in lift on 33in BFG MT. Mostly Original. Little rust in usual spot between roof panel and tub.
3. Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 LHD 1985 $3200 OBO
2F Gas - 4 speed. Some rust on D/S door. Runs great for an old 2f. Current registration and smog.
4. Mercedes-Benz SL500 LHD 1998 $27500 OBO
5.0 V8. Clean! Current registration.
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Jun 28, 2008
ok that confuses me (scammer on craigslist part)

I actually dont know how that gets done but whatever.

Its legit, and im just trying to help a friend out. IF you are actually interested and a potential buyer then shoot Jaime a email or call him at his workshop on 818-991-8671. Just tell him Ben from Man-A-Fre sent you :)

Hell if you want a picture of me in front of one of the vehicles with a shiny bit of cardboard with a message like " HI Prat" than you'll have to wait till monday.

I've also posted it on a few other sites, the more people that know the better. And seriously, who would buy a vehicle with out having it inspected ot know it is what it is and that it actually exists?
Jun 5, 2005
Palo Alto, CA

I'm not saying it isn't legit. I am saying there was a guy using pictures of that HJ45 on craigslist and ebay to fish for marks. If this is the legitimate owner, then that's great. He's getting an email from me as we speak. :cheers:

Lots of people buy vehicles sight unseen on ebay, for some reason. I've learned my lesson: I'll never buy a truck without seeing it in person and sleeping on it for at least a night.

Jun 28, 2008
Prat - thanks for letting me know - It threw me off as I had just posted a cut copy of this add on Craigslist a few minutes before your reply, and couldnt figure out how i had been posted a scammer in that short time - just coincidence i think.

About the buying a car unseen thing, I'd never even consider it. Back before we moved to the US if i'd even considered buying an out of state vehicle I would find a knowledgebale person in its homestate and slip them a bit of $$ to check it out for me to make sure it exists - I know there is to many shady characters on the net rying to make a quick buck on someone who still has good faith in the cruiser kind.

Let me know if Jaime doesnt reply to your email he has been fairly busy - I can be contacted ben@man-a-fre.com if he doesnt and i'll pass the message along.
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