FS: 1985 FJ60 not running, great project

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Hello, I am new to this forum, I must first off say it's a pleasure to be here. I will follow that comment up with my amazement of some of the awesome looking FJ's on here. Mine is in nowhere near the same ballpark. Hopefully someone with some energy will pick up my FJ60 and make it into what it was meant to be.

I bought this FJ60 just a few months ago. I am now risking divorce if I don't find a new home for it. What I have:
1985 FJ60 in a silver/gray color. Currently NOT running, it turns over freely, without issue, and I was told it has a good head, but it needs lower main bearings. I was not in the position to rebuild this motor, and was actually wanting to do a 350 swap. It is a 2F motor. A VERY NICE oversized aluminum "racing" radiator has been installed. I was told this was almost $800 new. I myself had the towbar and custom bumper made for this, out of steel. I have over $350 just in this small little project, but it makes for NICE towing. It was my intention at that time to turn this into a rock crawler, and then I could pull it behind my GMC to whatever spot I can find out here in Utah. Interior is decent, rip in the passenger seat. ALL glass and door panels, etc are in place and in good shape. ALL seats are in decent shape as well.

Tires and wheels are decent, not going to win any awards there.
Some rust, rocker panels and lower parts of some of the doors have soft spots. I DON'T see any signs of "bad" body repair work, and the frame itself is VERY solid.

I just need this gone. I am asking $1500.00. If that seems like a fair price, please email me or call me on my cell. I would love to find a good home for this. I can help with transporting as well. Jayjayem3@hotmail.com is my email, or you can call anytime at 801-310-4819.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Once my other projects are over, I am hoping to get into another FJ40 like I had 10 years ago, and get back into the scene! :)
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do you still have this? also what part of Utah are you in?

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