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I don't like using off brand stuff on my Cruiser, but I did buy a set of off brand rotors for my 91. Our local Henderson wheel sells a pair of LC rotors for under $40. Shipping would be heavy. They are affiliated with Bumper to Bumper if you have one of those close by. I've been using them for almost a year with Toyota pads and I have had no problems. They get used pretty hard with 35s and no rear disc brakes :(
FWIW , I've got a set in my garage that are going on soon. Napa quoted me ~$100 a corner, so even if I eat up a few of these I'm still $$$ ahead, or if they are complete crap and warp in spite of even lug torque it still wasn't a big dollar risk. That's the same guy I got them from too.
Genuine Rotors for a 93-97, 43512-60090, list for $99.60 each.

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