Front locker fixed


Apr 6, 2004
Wandering the Western Hemisphere
Well having put it off out of fear and perhaps a little laziness I finally tore apart my front locker actuator and got the front locker working. Wish I had done it before this happened...

could have saved myself a $300 body shop bill.

As a pretty basic mechanic I was fairly intimdated by the unknown of the actuator. I printed off the write up from Slee and the PDFs from the FSM only to leave them on my desk when I left work on Friday. I broke the rule I created for myself, never to work unsupervised, and I decided to tear into it anyway. The most difficult part was getting the stupid thing out. A very cozy fit between the actuator and the tie rod. Once apart it was obvious what was wrong. The entire thing was corroded from an apparent drowning.

I soaked it in brake cleaner for about 2 mins, went hog wild with a wire brush and got everythign nice and shiny again. I slapped on some FIPG to hopefully seal it better in the future and put it back together. Now it works flawlessly. Might be time to tear into the rear one and make sure it's nice and clean. Had I known how easy it was I would have fixed it as soon as I picked up the truck.
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