Front Left Axle Won't Go in All The Way?

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May 24, 2005
Bonsall, California
The knuckle is back together and load preset adjusted. The ABS sensor is OUT. The birf is greased and the inner oil seal is in. I put in the axle with the birf flat up as per manual but when the widest part of the birf, near the AMS ring gets about 1" inside the knuckle I can go no further. Feels like the birf or axle is hitting on something but I just cant see what. Any ideas
Turn it a little, to the left or right. Mine had to be 'wiggled' into place.
Turn it a little, to the left or right. Mine had to be 'wiggled' into place.

I had the same problem last weekend. Just wiggle it around and turn it and it'll get in there. Also keep in mind since the DS shaft is longer you have to push it down a little to keep the shaft straight. I hope that makes sense.
Wiggling the driveshaft while pushing on the birf worked for me. I recall one of the sides was a PITA to get the slines to lineup.
Yea, as already mentioned, just wiggle and push somewhat politely, that side is significantly longer and you sorta havta push the shaft down on the one end to get the other end to align. In other words, even though you cannot see it inside there it is actually drooping down at the other end. It is not a matter of force as much as a matter of alignment so dont damage the inner oil seal by gettin brutal with it. HTH.
If this doesn't work, may help to jack up the other side and turn that wheel a tiny bit to let the splines line up.

Thanks guys. Done this a million times, and as always, just not enough courage to be firm with this beast.

Here's a pay-back hint. I found 14" duralast channel lock pliers are just perfect for popping that internal oil seal.


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