front disk swap using mini/willwood parts?

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Jan 14, 2003
Wilton, Ca
My bro has the Willwood front disk swap (coarse spline birfs) on his 72 FJ40 and he just bought some Profields to upgrade the birfs. My question is can he use any of the Willwood stuff (it is pretty new) like the rotors/spindles/calipers? I know he needs mini knuckles, steering arms, and hubs, but I am not sure if he can use some of the Wilwood stuff or not. Just trying not to spend any extra money, plus the Willwood stuff is really nice.

Thanks for any help,
The main problem I see you having with this is that the outers that your brother purchased and wants to use, the Profields, are longer than the stock drum brake fing birfields. The spindles are different from drum to disc front ends. I would contact MAF, or who you purchased the brake kit from to positivly verify that they are not going to work correctly. I would look around a bone yard, or post out here in the wanted section, for all the mini-truck knuckle stuff, and just keep it Toyota. I am sure that there is someone interested in your Wildwood components, and recoup some of the cost.

Good luck!


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