Front disc brake conversion 1970 FJ40

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Yes it is . And it is the best upgrade i have ever made. get some 82 lancruiser vented rotors and some 88 ifs v6 pickup calipers. Great uprade. You get to ditch The course spline birfs for the fine spline birfs and asian hubs. And larger knuckle studs and bolt patern. Along with the 5th bolt mod and you will be golden(no more broken knuckle studs).
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Scroll down on the right hand side and read away. Can be done, has been done and should be done.

Yes I did this after I had already swaped in a later model FJ40 disc axle assembly. I needed to cut the backing plate a little and shave a little off the cooling fins so the wheels would fit but I think it gives about 25% more braking power over the standard FJ40 disc brakes. Works good with the rear disc brake conversion too.
You may have to look at a new Master Cylinder, yours is a single system and no booster, be sure you read about that part of the conversion as well. You may want to upgrade that and rebuild the brake lines, nothing is as easy as it sounds. You will also have to adapt the FJ40 TRE to the toyota pickup knuckles, you can have them filled and retapered, my personal fave, or use some shims, good luck, Larry
I can get my hands on a HJ-60 axle assemblely. Would the hub assemblely from that axle fit onto a BJ-40 axle without any major mods?
Would the FJ60 disc brakes convert to the Fj40 if you used all of the 60 components? It seems as though the 40 parts are harder and more expensive to get.

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