Front Diff Problem

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Jun 3, 2014
The front diff broke on my 2001 LC-100 with 155k miles. I was driving up a moderate snow-covered incline and started slipping. I made a couple of runs at it in Low range with center diff locked when the front let go. This was NOT serious off-roading by any means and am pretty disappointed how weak that diff is. Anyway, I am looking for expert advice on replacing/rebuilding it. Searching this LC100 forum for "front diff" returns no hits but I know it is a weak point in the design. New or used? Is there a common upgrade? What is "ARB" suggested by some? Does Toyota provide any help? These should not fail so easily.
ARB is an air locker option that is an upgrade that replaces the center carrier section. If you add it durring a front diff rebuild it will add about $1000 but should keep you diff from breaking again. Try JT's parts and accessories / Nitro Gear and Axle, they will steer you right and can do the work.

These are a known weak point, Toyota won't help this is an old truck now.

I also found nothing but your thread when searching the 100 seciton for 'front ARB' or 'front diff'... don't know whats up with that, I used to be pretty good at searching...
Search is temporarily down. Woody is reindexing the site.
I hope he has some good help...
Look at the image in this post . . .

Thanks SmoothLC. Learned about A-TRACK and how it likely killed my diff when I lost traction on the snowy slope. I'm comparing ARB+rebuild vs new OEM dif vs used low-mileage diff (if any are left unblown!). I don't go wheeling, it's a street vehicle.
I have a '98 out of my LC from when I put in my TJM locker. It's up for grabs for a fair price.

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