Front axle seal leak: while I’m in there...

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Jun 27, 2014
I changed out my front diff passenger side holder and now it looks like both sides seals are leaking. I guess I will need to change them so while I’m in there what else should I replace? Bearings, ball joints, what else? By the way I’ve got 213k miles and never been off-road much.
Thanks for the help!
I got my seals from Lexus parts now. I’m looking at bearings while I’ve got it all apart. Anyone have any luck with the pre made hub assemblies from TRQ or Detroit Axle or is there other better options recommended?
Bluepitbearings are the winner. Bearings are a good call. Seals for the knuckle and inner CV axle seals, bushings, LBJ or new arms (cheaper than pressing), if you do LBJ and bushings or new arms get new cam bolts and alignment hardware. UCAs if your lifted or a new upper ball joint. Calipers if rusty (if you do rotors, calipers, and pads go to GX460 for an upgrade. The list can get as long as you like 😎
Amazon product
I just bought one of these, but I haven't installed it yet. looks like very good quality and has the OE KOYO brand bearing. Im sure Bluepit are nice, just not in my budget.

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