Free!!!! 40 parts

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Aug 20, 2004
A balanced city
I have two upper window frames from a 72 FJ40 weatherstripping is poor at best but frames are good.

2 windows from the same frames

a tool box cover in good shape, green

located in So Cal
I am just getting ready to start the body work on mine, I run the early doors, do you still have the parts? Where are you in SoCal?


still got the parts.....Let me just make sure neither guy above you wants them....never herad back from either though....

I am in El Segundo...

PM me if you have anything left, I'll be glad to pick it up, Im really close. How funny you have a WRX too, just like me :cheers:
Guys just to clarify....cause I guess it wasn' real clear...

What I have is the upper window frames from the doors....and the door glass...if you are still interested let me know...
You were perfectly clear, I have a set of early doors that I am about to start on and was thinking the extra parts might come in handy, I would love to have them.
I live up in the SCV, do you ever head North, say...SFV? I am having trouble getting beyond the Sepulveda Pass lately, maybe Wilshire, I will buy the :beer: if you think you can do it, if not let the next guy in line have a go.

I'm coming to TX in two weeks, and I have a tool box cover I could bring.:hmm:

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