Frame to ground height

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24008.5. (a) No person shall operate any motor vehicle with a frame
height or body floor height greater than specified in subdivisions
(b) and (c).
(b) The maximum frame height is as follows:

Vehicle Type Frame Height
(1) Passenger vehicles, except housecars ...... 23 inches
(2) All other motor vehicles,
including housecars,
as follows:
Up to 4,500 pounds GVWR ............. 27 inches
4,501 to 7,500 pounds GVWR .......... 30 inches
7,501 to 10,000 pounds GVWR ......... 31 inches

(c) The lowest portion of the body floor shall not be more than
five inches above the top of the frame.
(d) The following definitions govern the construction of this
(1) "Frame" means the main longitudinal structural members of the
chassis of the vehicle or, for vehicles with unitized body
construction, the lowest main longitudinal structural members of the
body of the vehicle.
(2) "Frame height" means the vertical distance between the ground
and the lowest point on the frame, measured when the vehicle is
unladen on a level surface at the lowest point on the frame midway
between the front axle and the second axle on the vehicle.
(3) "GVWR" means the manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating,
as defined in Section 390, whether or not the vehicle is modified by
use of parts not originally installed by the manufacturer.
Hey everyone,

Wonder what those that run 37" have for their frame to ground height?

Im doing a 3 link setup on my 94 LC and trying to get an idea on where to set the rig. Trying to keep things as low as possible.

Here is my build

Hippo80 build - Expedition Portal

I'm on 40s and tons and sitting at 27 3/4" but I'd like it more like 25.5" You should be able to stick around 25 or less pretty easily IMO
Unless this is going to be a trailer queen the lowest point on your frame can be no higher than 23" from the ground in California. This is probably the front pan hard mount. I've seen lots of NorCal (Butte, Sutter, Tehama counties) rigs on the side of the road with CHP standing next to them with the tape measure out.
I'll measure asap.
I've been wanting to do it for myself any ways.
I have a true 2.5" suspension lift on 37s plus a 1" body lift.
This won't be a trailer queen. Plan to drive this to trail and back, maybe longer expedition style trips as well. I wonder what the frame height on those that run slee 6 inch kits.
OK, I got 19.5" to 20"
Again it's 2.5" over stock.

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