frame rivets

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Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
trying to get the rear shackle hangers off the frame to move them forward an inch and a half, but can't get at em with a grinder, and quickly backed off on the oxy/acetelyne right about the time i saw flames licking at my fuel filler hose...what's another way to get rivets out?

need to do four lower rivets, two side rivets i can get with the grinder. probably only really three since one is partially torched away, i should be able to drill it out.
Air chisel. Cuts the head right off, then use a punch to drive 'em out. Sometimes I need to use the torch to heat the frame enough to punch them out, but you can use a tight flame for that rather than a cutting flame.
Lil'John's way is the way I have gotten tons of rivets out of the frame cleanly, without having torching slag go all over the place, or setting fire to the oily goo inside the framerails.
well, got one side done. heck of a lotta work for 1 1/2"
Copy of DSC03931.JPG
Copy of DSC03935.JPG
Copy of DSC03939.JPG
moved it forward,not back. the pig has aftermarket lift springs, which often aren't long enough to run an extended shackle, so you end up with bad shackle angles. if you look at the last pic, the right side (far shackle) hasn't been done yet. it's straight up and down.

if i just went to a shorter shackle, i'd end up with that dorky california rake, so to keep the long shackle, i had to move the hangers forward to get some angle in the shackles.

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