Frame-rehab welder?

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BioD 60

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Nov 17, 2006
Lane County, OR, USA
Well, despite my delusions to the contrary :doh:, I found out that 20 years in the rain/snow in Canada *does* have a negative impact on frame health, after having weak areas spotted on both frame rails, just forward of the rear axle "arch" in the frame in my diesel 60.

So, I am looking for recommendations for a good, certified welder to hopefully do some rehabilitative reinforcing on the frame at those locations, and any others that need it.

A couple of recommendations from a welding-supplier acquaintance fell through, and I'd rather not take a stab at the ads in the yellow pages... :eek:.

So, I thought I'd see if someone here had a recommendation for a welder/shop with experience with this "condition" (illness?) on LC frames, and preferably some experience with 60's.

Anywhere in the Phoenix-metro area is fine, as well as Prescott area recommendations. Also, though cost is a consideration, I'd rather pay what it takes to get it done really well.

(The bummer is... I'm afraid to try-out my brand-new rear-locker until this gets fixed... :frown:)

This newbie to the "evils of rust" thanks you all in advance... :eek:
He will likely shoot me for suggesting him. Kevin has a lot to do as it is. My brother is an excellent welder and has the facility to do this. Call toolsrus.
Did anyone else hear that gunshot?

I'm sure Truckwerks can get the job done

at least I hope so - Michael just dropped his truck there for some frame welding :eek:

both of our exhausts came out nice last year.....:D

[wait, somehow this does not sound right :hmm:]
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You might call me. I am not quite in the "instinctive" league when welding, but I do ok... Finding the time could be an issue, but that can often be overcome by bribing my wife. She has an uncanny understanding of people who will pay the power bill in order to use my welders. It could happen. My schedule is open on occasion.

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