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Mar 16, 2003

I've got a 2/79 FJ40 with a fairly bad frame rot condition...mechanically it is excellent. Thinking of doing an aluminum tub to my metal cowling, and hardtop, along with using my current axles, drive train, etc. If I want to use a 78 frame to do all this, will I run into significant problems? Do I need to find a 2/79 frame? I've talked with Cruisersolutions, and they give me the impression that they can repair anything associated with the frame...any thoughts?

Appreciate any ideas?


you will need a 79 frame. body styles changed in 79, fuel tank and body mounting points. leaf springs went to the wider version in the 80's not sure what year, 81 or 82 maybe someone else will know.
how bad is your frame? rotted in one place or many. if it's only one or two places it would probably be easier to fix than replace.
yeppers, unless you wanna go thru the effort of reworking body mounts/frane attachments, it will be WAY easier with a 79+ frame.

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