Found Giant plastic bottle full of cash on Rubicon.

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Dec 4, 2011
Camino California
5 of us were piled in our fj80 hoopty headed up the Loon lake trail (just before the granite slabs) on sunday morning (Cantina weekend). When Shane says " Hey there is a giant bottle of money!"
We stopped, looked at it and we all said "Yahoo!".
Yes it was a 5 gallon Plastic water bottle full of cash :bounce:. Someone said "Should we count it?". Someone said " Should we go back and turn it in?".
We looked at each other and Shane said "It must be for a drawing or donations something".

Then we all agreed to do the right thing, and go back to the spillway and turn it in the Sheriff. If it belongs to anyone on this board, just wanted to let you know the guys at the little building (by the bathroom at the spillway parking lot) have it now. Hope we get good karma! :) Larry and Shane
definitely a deposit in your karma account....right on guys.......I kinda did the same thing with a diamond ring I found a few weeks ago
Did you guys ever found out if the money was recovered by the rightful owner? most definitely good Karma to all of you for what you did.if ever the money was never returned could you get it back and maybe donate it to an institution like the Red Cross etc.?
My guess would be that it was for the Friends of the Rubicon, or for the air rescue outfit that services the area.

Good on you for turning it in. :beer::beer::beer:

Did you post this on Pirate?

in....thanks for the chance :grinpimp:

karma is riding high for you guys!
Ditto on the restoring my faith in humanity!
I guess it was something to do with the jeepers jamboree. Shane said he talked to a guy (he can't remember this guy's name, because Shane is 17 years old and has not mastered that skill yet) and the guy was a Jeepers jamboree something (can't remember his title for the same reason). Anyway, the mystery guy said the money in the bottle was $1,500.00, and he would comp Shane to the next jamboree. I asked Shane if he could get 2 comp tickets, and of course, Shane doesn't know how to reach him or his name or anything. So......that's the story..... I guess! L.B.:doh:
Ah, youth. Lack of memory when you're young ' cause you just don't care. Lack of memory as you get older because....uh...uh..what was the question?

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