Found a 25 on CL today

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Looks familiar, that rack and diamond plate. Pics saved here for now.




I remembered it. While posted on CL in CA it's still in ID. Doesn't look like they have done anything to it. Remember it being set up for a V8. Seems the price was in the neighborhood of $7.5K. It's was posted on thread here before.

Quick search shows it's #128 on the count.
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He wants $5K for the truck and another 500 for the SB chevy mentioned in the add...
Another question what happened to IDave? Over two years since he posted.

Not sure, I know I've corresponded with him via email since then, he's still driving cruisers, living in the same place, probably just got busy with other things...
I am looking for a good condition FJ25, I am trying to put together a full collection of Landcruisers from the start to modern day. I great FJ25 would be the perfect start to my collection if anybody knows somebody trying to sell one. Thanks !

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