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Jan 14, 2010
I’m selling my M101a2. Asking $700 OBO. I put new tires on a couple years ago when I bought it, but there are almost no miles on them. No dry rot. I have converted it over to a 4 pin electrical connection. In pretty good shape, the floor has some dents and the bed sides have some dents.


..and then he said.. 'Hey y'all! Watch this'
Jul 13, 2014
Summerville, SC
1994 FJ80 TRIPLE LOCKED & LOADED - FREE TO A GOOD HOME - $9,500 Adoption fee, OBO

My son’s mall crawling days are over. Actually, he’s still in high school, and never crawled at the mall....I drove it to the mall. He’s got a friggin 4.77 GPA and wanted a Mustang... so the TLC days are numbered.

Up for sale is a very nice, clean, straight southern truck, rust free (except the ball on the stock hitch and some surface rust on the exhaust system), garage kept (recently) FJ80. Truck was wheeled ONCE (by me), and performed flawlessly. OK, it was only Hurricanese Creek trail, and a RAV4 would have been fine except for the one hole.... There’s no need for me to brag on it - it’s an -80.... it was the Great White Hype... his Yeti... but now this truck can be yours, or hers... you missed it for Valentines Day, but Memorial Day is coming. I’m putting the money into my -40. Vintage Air, rear locker install, motor refresh.... maybe an LS1 swap.... never mind that....

The short story....

I bought the truck for him to drive in high school. I bought it because y’all showed me how bad ass (and woefully slow) an -80 is. He never got a speeding ticket in it. Hell, the po-po never even gave him a second look.... I wanted it for me, but I had a plan.... now the plan has run full course. Purchased with 298k miles I think... I wasn’t worried; Marshall has over 400k on one.
  1. Front knuckles rebuilt, <5k miles ago - because they leak, eventually.
  2. Radiator replaced, last year. Didn’t want to, but it gave up the ghost, so...
  3. New interior - leather &cushions. Front and middle row. Feels like the S American seamstresses did a phenomenal job. 3rd row is in the closet, and looks like new (as do most). Third row will be included in the sale, I don’t need them either.
  4. Throttle cable assembly replaced @ LexTech - because Glenn knows what he’s doing like no ones business - and I wanted it done right.
  5. PHH replaced @ 300k miles. While it was at Lex Tech - see explanation above about Glenn knowing his s***.
  6. Truck has @ 313,000 miles but looks like 113k miles. Sure, some of the pi striping is missing, but how would you look after 300k miles driving with your head out the window? OK, then.
  7. All windows work. And all windows are original Toyota glass (well, maybe not ‘Original’ - I’m the 5th owner.
  8. Antenna works - but my wife recommends lowering it before driving it thru an automatic car wash... SMDH
  9. Sunroof works - tilt and slide, no leaks. NO, she knows to close the sunroof at the car wash... the antennae surprised her.
  10. Yes, the AC works. And it will drip condensate on your flip flop Wearing GF in the passenger seat as it blows cold air....
  11. Yes, the LOCKERS WORK; NO - I didn’t 7 wire it - it came like this from Mr Toyota himself.
    1. Not that you’ll need them, it’s an 80.... it’ll drive thru hell in 4H. But not until you hand over the benjamins.
    2. Glenn replaced the ‘actuator’ when we bought the truck. See #4 and #5 again.
  12. Truck will have a full tank of gas, so you can get half way to where your going. Bring $20 to get rest of way.
  13. Truck has an aftermarket head unit with back up camera - so they didn’t ding up the back bumper at the mall.
Posting to LCLC, Upstate and ONSC sites for one week. I have more pics. Including the undercarriage, which is dirty, because my 17 yo son doesn’t understand “wash the truck, REALLY GOOD’ before I take pics to sell it.

* No tire kicking, the General Grabber red letter tires are bad ass, no need to poke the bear. No low ball offers. I’ll respond, but it won’t be cordial. I’m not giving the truck away, if I don’t sell it, i’ll be driving it also because this truck should have been named Truck Norris....







Dec 20, 2006
Simpleville, SC
Needing a hood latch for my FJ60. The tab that holds the safety latch away so the hood closes popped off, so now if I'm not propping the release up with a rag, it bends the safety hook. Anyone got one local?
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