For Sale 83 BJ42 Middle TN

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United States
For sale 83 BJ42, bought in Vancouver and shipped to TN. Runs good but blows smoke and needs extensive body work. Is not registered in the US so will need to sell as a parts vehicle. Powersteering needs work, gearbox leaks and the pump is locked up, but it is all there and factory. Interior in good shape considering, jumpseats and mats in good condition. Has a 24 volt winch, aftermarket I believe but very professional install, I think it is at least a dealer install or Toyota Canada installed when imported. It was working but will not now but I assume a simple fix. Top and doors are rough but it is all there. I had big plans for this truck but kids and a house sure can change plans. Would like $4600 for the truck. I have a 79 tub 98% rust free I can sell with it as well for $1750, it was cut about 5" from the firewall. 342,000 km on truck. Will need to ship, not a safe driver due to the tub.
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I won the auction on EBay and the seller helped extensively on importation, but it cost, I would be embarassed to tell you what I have in the importation and shipping. He filled out the importation forms and drove it across the border in Seattle to deliver to the transport company. Federal taxes are paid, what hoops you would have to go through from here depends on the state to get it legal.
have you had a compression test?
PM'd you...
4 speed or 5 speed? What color smoke does the engine blow?
It is a 5-speed. Smoke is black. There is some white at initial startup but it clears out.
The truck sold but the tub is still available if anyone is interested. Would like $1200.00

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