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Apr 19, 2004
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OK folks heres the deal:
I sold a pair of thirds from my dads 40 to a 60 owner up there.
Thinking they were late model 4:11 fine spline thirds............:bang::bang::bang:

Turns out they swapped late model axles under the 40.
Then put early model thirds (course spline) in.

I talked to the fellow I sold them to & I truly feel bad about this......NO WAY I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS FOR A SALE!

TR (purchaser) said he will swap the course spline thirds & the 3:73 thirds for a pair of fine spine thirds for his 60:idea:

IF ANYONE can help with this I would truly be THANK FULL & repay you with some cruiser swag:clap::clap::clap:

Please PM if you can help, be aware I'm heading to the Ozarks tomorrow so I maybe slow returning the PM's but I will. :cheers:

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