floor problem again???

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Jan 3, 2003
I just posted a question on my rotted out floor and what to do, but the problem seems to be worse. The brace that holds the floor in place under it with the body mount attached is rotted out. It is gone from the body mount to the inner rocker panel and I dont know what to do.

thanks Zach (1972 fj40 by the way)
Grinder grinder my friend. Cut it out. Keep cuttin back till you get to some decent material that you can weld to. If you don't have access to a welder, get a friend who does. Material is usually easy to come by. Scrap yards can be your best friend as well. I got all the material to do my own tub and roll bar and bush bar for about $250. I am more for function than fashion so I just use whatever I have available that is simular size to what was there originally. The bracing that has rotted away I didn't even put back in. The steel that I used was around 16 gauge and it was more than stiff enough. If you want to add bracing from the frame, more power to ya. Later.

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