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Nov 11, 2017
Albq, NM
The factory floor mats on my 2001 100 are beat down and I need new, heavy duty rubber ones. I just bought some of the heavy duty Motor Trend mats that are semi-made for our trucks, but they are not as heavy duty as they looked in the picture, and have to be cut down pretty heavily and still won't fit that well. I knew that I'd end up here, but I hoped for the best with $35 floormats. Knew better but proceeded anyway.

I'd like to get them for the front and the rear but don't need the back compartment one right now.

The weather techs are nice but spendy. I'd rather not spend $150+. What did you end up with?
The weather techs don’t even fit that good, I wish they still made oem rubber floor mats. Sorry can’t help, just frustrated I can’t find a decent set of all-weather floor mats here. Price is not the issue, looks and fit is what I’m after.
I have the mid level WeatherTech ones and really like them. They are specific to 100 series cruiser but aren't the cupped ones. They aren't cheap but I think they're worth it.
You're gonna get what you pay for, WeatherTech hands down.
Eat Mac N Cheese 6 nights a week until you have the money for them, worth every penny.
All weather or floorliner?

Anybody like the Lloyd mats?

Husky liners?
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I have husky liners in my Tundra. They are ok but they don't have the raised lip that the Weathertechs do, so if you end up spilling something they won't prevent it from spilling onto the carpet etc. Weathertechs are better in that respect. I have them in all of my cars and they are hands down the best designed and the best made.
I have the all-weather weathertechs and am pretty disappointed with them. They have completely worn through in several spots on the drivers side after 1.5 years of service. I'd go husky or something else. I don't really think the weather techs are worth the money they command.
I made my own with leftover G-Floor polyvinyl floor covering. Using the original Toyota floor mat for
a template. Works and looks great!

Anybody like the Lloyd mats?

Have the Lloyd's mats in (2) 100 series. Other than the initial (temporary) "pool toy smell", we've been very pleased with them.
I took a chance on these and I like them. Good, heavy rubber with deep pockets. They are just cut out of a flat blank and aren't molded with high sides, but they hold a lot of muck and are less than half the price of husky/weathertech/lund mats. Got front and rear, fit perfectly. They also offer a cargo mat for 100 series, both with and without seat mounting cutouts. Grey matches my LX grey carpet pretty well.

Intro-Tech Automotive HEXOMAT Floor Mats
Intro-Tech Automotive HEXOMAT Floor Mats
I have to echo the positive comments on the Weathertechs. I have the Floorliners front and rear (not cargo), and yes, I agree that they don't actually fit *perfect* up front they couldn't fit more precise in the back. This was put to the test in the Pennsylvania mountains (hills?) this past weekend where I had up to 7 people getting in and out in the mud/snow/salt/crud mix at any time. The Weathertechs did a great job IMHO containing the mess and protecting my carpet. Very pleased with them, though they're only two weeks old. Can't vouch for long-term durability yet.
I’ve had both Weathertech and Husky liners in past cars, in fact I have Weathertechs in my Chevy SS. They are great - virtually indestructible, complete coverage of carpet and fit well in most cases. They are expensive but worth it, especially in a newer car. The only negative is they feel and sound like hard slippery plastic underfoot.

When I bought my “well broken in” LX I couldn’t see spending over $200 in liners so I tried the rubber Hexomats and am satisfied.
I was cruising around the Seattle Craigslist one day and got a full set of factory rubber mats for $15. I think I got lucky, but if you're really trying to save some dough I bet you can find originals from Ebay or CL with a bit of time.
Will these you have linked on alieexpress work for a 2003 LC?

I see a complete set of Motor Trend ones on eBay for $49 and might get them instead. That’s for front, mid, and cargo area mats.

My driver’s side Husky liner is looking pretty beat up, and I just don’t believe the weather tech stuff is worth the premium cost. I’d get the same Husky ones, but they are no longer made.

i got some cheap ones from Aliexpress and i actually like them a lot. the rear cargo area never fit right but for as cheap as they were i didnt mind just cutting them.

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