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Mar 21, 2021
Spring has arrived here in the Flathead (Whitefish) so I got my 98' 4Runner out for a spin. Other than a couple short drives she has been parked in the shop all winter on a trickle charger. I drove from Whitefish to Kalispell and noticed that once in overdrive the transmission is jerky if I try to speed up a bit. I am not talking kicking into passing gear speed up I just mean if I have slowed a bit and apply light pressure to speed up. I cannot recreate this issue if I turn OD off. Furthermore, all shift points are smooth otherwise. I have also checked if there is a possible misfire, etc, but it appears the problem is the transmission or possibly the torque converter. All this said, back in the day I would just tear into her find and fix the problem. That said, I haven't the time am I am looking for a creditable 4Runner transmission mechanic near me. Please let me know your mechanic recommendations or if you feel my problem is a simple fix please let me know. Shift point solenoid? Plugged Valve body/filter? Who knows...


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Sep 11, 2014
Thank you. Funny that you recommended him because I spent about an hour trying to remember his webpage this morning. When I finally found it I sent him a message on Facebook. Again, I appreciate the help!!!
The only automatic transmission guy I could recommend here in the valley has had to step away due to health reasons. I can’t recommend anyone, but that’s only because I haven’t dealt with anyone else personally. From the symptoms you described I would say you’re on the right track with it being either a clogged valve body or a bad solenoid. If it were me, I would start with changing trans fluid, cleaning filter and cleaning the connection on the TPS.

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