Flat towing a 60 with an 80

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Nov 6, 2005
Riverside, CA
So a month ago my FJ60 had a tragic accident involving the tires slipping on gravel, hitting the asphalt again, and the whole thing coming to rest on the roof. But I must make a nice 800 mile move in the next week, so I've decided to take the 60 home and worry about it in a few years. Meanwhile I've added yet another cruiser in the inventory. This time a '94 FZJ80. So I'm trying to think of the cheapest way to get the 60 back to Colorado from Mississippi, then drag the 40 down to Texas. I know many people flat tow 40's and I don't think this would be a problem. But if I invest in a tow bar, would the 80 be able to pull the 60, or would it turn into a dangerous situation? I have all the time in the world so speed isn't really a problem. Just the plausibility of it all. And if flat towing isn't a smart way to go, would putting it on a tow dolly or flat bed trailer be a better option? Thanks!
I could be way off here, but is a 60 really much heavier than a 40, especially a modded out 40?
60's are heavier than 40's. Personaly, I would not flat tow a 60 with an 80. It would be sketchy on a trailer for long distances even..

Around town, if you are carefull, sure. Colorado to Mississippi?? No..
Have it shipped. Find your nearest auto auction and get the numbers of some truck transports. Tell them you are not in a hurry and they will stick it on the next truck thats not full. You can get it close to where you are going for a lot less than you can tow it considering the price of fuel. Not to mention the tow bar and wear and tear. The only catch is it will need to be driveable. They wont pull it on.

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