FJC shortage???

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Apr 6, 2003
So I went with freind for service to a local toyota dealer. While we were waiting I started talking to the sales manager about the FJcruiser. He told me in march his dealership was only getting 2. No demos. No test drive. 2 period. Then he asked if I wanted to drop a deposit in case they get more in.
Today I went to another Toyota dealership, that I do business with, and ask about the FJ. The manager there told me I could test drive one as soon as she gets them in. She wasn't sure how many they were gettting, but it would be more than 2. She also said they were not taking any deposits untill they came out.

Demand may well outpace supply for a little while, as is common with brand new vehicles. But w/40k units plus per year, it shouldn't be too hard to find one after that.
joex3 said:
FJC shortage???

can't wait for the first one to show up on ebay....
I spoke with a dealer today.........$1000.00 non refundable deposit with delivery late April....$23.5K Black, 6 spd.

my opinion:
dealers will have heaps of these trucks in the fall...offing them well below msrp

First on to hit ebay will be VOR trying to make a !
4000 into canada

$1000 fully refundable deposit was sufficient for a dealer to do a trade with an upcountry dealer for the model and colour I wanted. deal is contingent on test driving an actual FJ when they get here. the dealers I called did all claim theirs were all sold. the dealer I am going with traded a tacoma for it.
Only so many can roll off the assembly line in any given time, then only so many can fit on a boat at one time. So how many can fit on the first boat, if you find this you may find the number of the first shipment of trucks. Then this is divided by the dealerships in the US that have preorder some of the trucks. So to begin with the dealerships will only have a few on hand until supply out paces demand. later robbie
i also talked to a dealer in B.C. Canada he said he was getting 10 and 7 of them are tentativly sold .

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