FJ80 brake master cylinder residual valves

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Jul 13, 2010
Charleston, SC
Hi guys,
so my original, 25 year old master cylinder is looking a little worse for wear. i know its just a matter of time before the dry rotted reservoir cracks and starts leaking fluid.

I was looking into the FJ 80 master cylinder upgrade, after much searching, I cannot find the answer to my questions.
To start off:
From what marlin says on his website:
This is a genuine Toyota 1990-97 FJ80 Land Cruiser Brake Master Cylinder. This fits all FJ80 Land Cruisers and also makes for a great replacement part for older Pickup's and 4Runners that have a smaller bore. Aside from the FJ80, it also fits 1979-1995 Pickups/4Runners. Features 1" piston and residual valves for both front and rear. Works with both drum and disc brakes.

First off, that is BS. by my count there are at least 3-4 DIFFERENT master cylinders available for the 90-97 FJ 80. Some had disc in rear some had drums in rear. some had ABS, some did not. Therefore, it does not "fit all". it might bolt up, but i guarantee they all wont function the same performance wise.

the good thing is that it has a larger bore than the stock unit, which is why i want it. the bad thing is while it has residual valves "front and rear" no one can tell me what the pressure values are for it. I want to make sure that the residual valves from the FJ 80 match up to my system so I dont end up with dragging calipers on the front due to over pressurized residual valves. (I think the rear drums will be okay because of the large return spring)

Secondly, in the picture, I cannot see for the life of me how in the hell that thing has residual valves to begin with. Where the hell are they? Every master cylinder with them, mine included, has an extra fitting in between the brake line fitting an master cylinder body that contains the residual valve. In the picture it looks like the reservoir is molded straight into the master cylinder body.
If they are there, it does not look like they are serviceable or replaceable.

Can someone who has done this mod / upgrade shed some light on it for me?
1. Can you confirm that it actually does have residual valves?
2. what size are they front and rear?
3. are they internal and are they replaceable?
4. what is the toyota part number for the 90-91 version (front disc rear drum, no abs) so I can order one?
here is a pic.
havent taken it apart yet (trying to only have to do that once) but marked in yellow is where I expect to find residual valves in my master cylinder.


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