Fj62 rear hatch button won't work, help

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Jan 8, 2015
I've been trying to find out why the button that releases the hatch won't work. I've replaced the latch that catches the striker so the lid stays closed but now it won't open with the button. Does anyone have a diagram showing the parts and how it's supposed to work so I can see if I'm missing something? Or a solution?
I had this problem. There are plastic ends on the steel rods that transfer the motion of the button to the the latch. Either a rod fell out of place or you have a broken plastic piece. Open the hatch by crawling inside and pulling up on the lock tab directly linked to the mechanism. Then take the screws out of the access panel and have a look.
All of the rods are clipped in place but it seems like something is missing from the bottom of the lock the would hit the arm and release the latch. I can open it from the inside just not with the lock button

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