fj62 mystery connectors

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Dec 14, 2002
NW side of chicago
I have an 88 fj62 with a few connectors in the engine that has no apparent connection. I wonder if anybody has ever seen them before and where do they connect.Here is a close-up shot. It was taken from the driver's side fender into the hood. The loose connector is in the middle of the photo. The next post shows a much larger view of the engine compartment( this way you can orient yourself to the placement).
Sorry I couldn't get the larger overview shot because I think I have to reduce the pic under 70kb but am not familiar.Here is different shot from the bottom of the truck looking up. the connector is blue and is between the tranny and the front passenger's leaf spring. Thanks alot for looking at my pics and giving your opinion!!!! :wave:
I can't tell which one it is, but there are many un-used connectors on almost all Cruisers(especialy in the 80 and up), they used the same harness in US Cruisers that they used in other markets.....which had other options than the US got, like dual AC, fender mount power mirrors, sunroof, headlight washers, ect ect.

Take a look under(and up) the dash and kick panels, rear panels, ect, you will find yet more un-used things.....just hanging there

SOrry I can't tell ya what that piticular one is.

John H
???--SO I'm confused and disoriented.
1st picture you say is from the drivers side looking down, and the 2nd is from the bottom up and is on the passenger's side.

I've got an 87 fj60 and what John said is right, there's a lot of hanging connectors under th dash, haven't seen too many up front though.

If you could get some better pics from up top so I can orient myself better I'll go out and take a look for you.
What are the colors of the wire leading to the connectors? w/ those in hand you may be able to reference a FSM and look for options that are not on your truck. The only one that I've been able to identify on my FJ62 is for the headlight washer (not installed and unavailable (?) on my FJ62 ).

Hi mingfj62, nice to see a and fellow IL resident on this board. I will see of I can get the another larger photo posted and try to find more info on the wire colors. Thanks Landpimp and Safado for the info.. I was trying to see if anybody remembered the connectors from a project. There are a few things not working on the cruiser. One of them is the temp gauge.
...There are a few things not working on the cruiser. One of them is the temp gauge.

The water temp sensor is way up front on the driver's side and easily visible but kind of hard to get to. Mine actually became disconnected about a month ago spontaneously. I had to use a hemostat to hook it back up again as my fingers wouldn't fit in there. Look in the FSM to see where it is.
Any updates? 😂

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