1. NomadEffect

    FJ62 Brake Replacement

    Hey All, We did a couple of kinda 'how to' videos when replacing our brakes recently. I'm hoping they might help a fellow DIY driveway mechanic. Ben
  2. Bripars40

    SOLD  FJ62 Front Hub Assemblies

    FJ62 front hub assemblies in great condition! Just disassembled this weekend. Comes with Aisin locking hubs, calipers, slotted rotors. Great for FJ40 disc brake swap or upgrade to large pattern knuckles. I have the FJ62 axle housing, steering arms and linkage as well. I took this apart to...
  3. Dashash

    For Sale  Front Disc Brake Kit (FJ40,FJ45,FJ55) jtoutfitters NEW

    Brand new (boxes opened only to verify all parts arrived - parts never mounted). Found a salvage FJ60 and went that route for my front disc conversion. This is the jtoutfitters kit shown here: Front Disc Brake Kit Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 - JTOutfitters $500, free shipping within...
  4. Krow

    Wanted  Please delete

    Please Delete.
  5. Dirtgypsy

    Wanted  Roached out disc brake FJ55

    Looking for mostly complete or complete FJ55. I am after the 4spd and transfer case along with all associated parts and fine spline axles disc front and drum rear. Would also like a few bits from engine. Figured best bet would be to find a roached out complete or mostly complete parts truck...
  6. T

    Front disc brake trouble shooting

    I have owned "uglina" for several years (see 27 page build thread on this site). She has front discs and rear drums. Until about 2 months ago, the brakes were great. Recently, the car has started pulling to the left. It has gotten to the point where it pulls pretty hard when you apply the...
  7. suntrakr

    Brake booster upgrade for '81 fJ with front disc conversion

    Any recommendations for best bang for buck brake booster upgrade? currently running OEM booster (i think) but running a front axle/disc conversion (poss 60series). About to do a frame off to sort the chassis and keen to improve brakes if poss. Any recommendations?
  8. tstepp920

    Replacement Disc Brake Components

    My 40 has front disc brakes. Who's components did/would you use to rebuild the assembly?
  9. arcteryx

    Vendor  40 series OEM Tire and Disc Rim

    on ebay, no reserve Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40/55 Dunlop Tire and Disc Rim, Made In Japan, No RESERVE | eBay
  10. 1973Guppie

    Wanted  Front Disc Brake Conversion Parts (Knuckle Out)

    Looking for someone whom can provide the knuckles outer for a disc brake conversion on a 1969 FJ40. FJ60, Minitruck parts etc.
  11. sdphill

    Time for disc brakes on my 40

    So my poor baby sprung a leak in the right front drum and after talking to Noah Baldwin I think I've decided to bite the bullet and take the opportunity to convert to discs all around. Spoke to Noah and he said converting to disc is a great way to go. Mines a 1969 fj40 so he mentioned it would...
  12. Dpcruiser

    Disc Brake Backing Shield Elimination

    Anyone used the SOR disc brake backing shield elimination kit? Second full brake job in 3 years, one caliper piston seized. Same three years ago. I drive on a lot of dirt roads (VT) and surely this contributes to all the wear. I also did not use OEM calipers and discs but the best NAPA...
  13. PabloCruise

    Tech Stream Bummer - Bad Disc

    Just got my Tech Stream in the mail - disc has some serious defects in it. I would like to use this today - any reputable places to download the drivers?
  14. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  2005 Toyota Factory Radio 6 Disc IN-Dash Changer JBL LEXUS TOO

    This factory toyota 2005 radio JBL 6 disc changer in dash came out of my personal 2005 Tundra Limited I upgraded to a oem toyota later NAV unit , all functions / CD , tape , changer , etc work perfeectly and I tested prior to removal this past weekend My owners manual does not come...
  15. ukaviator

    For Sale  NEW JT outfitters FJ40 Disc brake conversion

    BRAND NEW in box FJ40/45 front disc conversion kit. Opened to realize this wasn't going to work for me. If I send it back JT Outfitters I'll have to pay shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Before I do that, wanted to offer it up to mud members and make it a win win for everyone This is the...
  16. SMG

    For Sale  "SOLD" 76 FJ40 Front Disc Backing Plates With Brake Fittings

    1976 FJ40 Front disc backing plates with brake fittings and small brake caliber lines. These are in very good shape. Slight surface rust in some areas but no cancer. $110 plus shipping
  17. Roark Supply

    Roark Supply’s Flap Disc & Cut Off Wheel COMBO DEAL is Back!

    NEW WEBSITE AND A GREAT DEAL! We recently launched our new website and to help spread the word, we’re bringing back the Flap Disc & Cut Off Wheel Combo Deal. Priced at $47, this package includes: 25 – Premier Grind 4.5” x 78” Flap Discs: Type 27 or Type 29 / 36, 40, 60, 80 or 120 Grit...
  18. 65swb45

    For Sale  Section 143- Disc Brake dust shields, CA

    5 sets to choose from, all 76-80, bolt-on junction block type. All are west coast rust-free. $150/pr plus the ride. No PMs. Junction blocks available separately.
  19. Cleg

    Front Disc Brake Dust Cover Help

    I'm finally getting around to rebuilding the knuckles to replace the leaky seals and find I need some help. The truck is a '72 FJ40 with a disc brake front axle, reportedly off of a '78 FJ40. There are no dust cover back plates behind the rotors. I expect they belong there but are missing. The...
  20. huminajumina

    FJ40 4 wheel disc (Willwood Proportioning) Too Much Rear Brake!

    ***I have searched a lot of threads, I have seen a lot of different resolutions; however, everyone has a different combination of parts. I know there are a million ways to do this, but I am seeking everyones input.*** I have a 1968 FJ40: - '76 disc front axle with 88 4 runner calipers ( they...
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