FJ60 with 2F to 3FE from 1992 fj80

Seth S

Jan 4, 2011
I had read that too, I also read that I need new fuel lines to handle the higher pressure of the fuel pump, is that correct?
correct. Believe the 3fe runs around 3-4 bar of pressure (50-60psi). stainless tubing is a great option for making new lines and you can order coils of it from summit racing or speedway shop or Jegs or others etc. there also a reinforced plastic hose that works well. I have to go back and look at everything to remember which is the stuff to look at. Saabs ran plastic lines from tank pump to manifold through the inside of the car and they never had a problem. Use barb type fittings and some times high pressure hose for junctions. Or you can get the fancy fittings for connections.
May 6, 2011
Davis County, UT
Fwiw I never replaced any lines. No issues as of 5 years and 6k miles. 3fe calls for ~45psi.
I'd take the full harness and computer, accessories (if you're swapping the block), emissions stuff if you're into that, downpipes, and of coarse all the intake stuff. Pm me and I can send you a 2fe manual I made that includes a parts list. Mind you theres more you'd need if swapping the entire engine
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