FJ60 Windshield replacement

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Feb 2, 2008
Palm Harbor, Florida
For those of you who have had your windshields replaced...did the installer use adhesive on the windshield to the gasket and fit in? or did adhesive go on both gasket and frame? I had one installed by a rookie who put no adhesive on at all and did not scrape my old gasket material off. I looked in the FSM and it says adhesive from window to gasket- what is the concensus to avoid leaks/ rust?
It's gotta be by the book and glued in or it will leak. There is glue at the body to gasket and more glue at the windshield to gasket. Many glass places are reluctant to do it that way. Avoid them.

You also want to use an OEM gasket.
thanks for the help- I will make sure that is how it is done.
Got a rock chip over the weekend and the crack is spreading quickly. Any advise from others on MuD in replacing the windshield and gasket. Best source to get the OEM gasket?
Precision (brand) WBL F425 gasket ( no chrome )
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I think an aftermarket gasket is fine, but according to my glass guy, the price is the same for OEM vs. aftermarket.

You will want to caulk both sides (Gasket to body and glass to gasket) per the FSM. Few/no glass shops will do this correctly, because they 'know better than you'.
Just remember if you want to reuse the chrome insert strip to be real careful removing it. Once it's ruined it's done.
You can buy replacement molding from Cruiser Outfitters. Glass shops don't like 60's much, they can be difficult.

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