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FJ60 Starts but won't idle.

Discussion in '60-Series Wagons' started by MrMud, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. MrMud


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    Jul 15, 2010
    Los Angeles
    So my battery was stolen the other day (along with my entire rescue kit, spare parts, tools, original jack and tools in original canvas bag...if only I could have walked up on those knuckleheads in the act) and I replaced it today. I guess I should be grateful they didn't steal the whole truck but then again just a week prior some wonderful women decided to t-bone me in a parking lot so the entire passenger door is crushed (she's already be determined to be 100% at fault so now I have the joy of dealing with her insurance), been a rough 2 weeks for the cruiser.

    Enough of that and to the problem... I go to start the truck and everything goes as normal (turn it over the first time, give it some gas, no love, pull the choke, turn it over things starts right up) i let it run for about 10 seconds with the choke out, seems warm and good, push the choke in...dies. OK, pull the choke out, turn it over, starts right up, revs to about 2,000. I let it sit there for about another 10 seconds ( it should be noted that it is not a cold day so it shouldn't take much time to warm up), push the choke in, RPMs drop immediately and engine dies. Repeat another time...

    So, if I start the truck and keep the RPM's up it will run but the second I let off the gas it dies and will not idle except at 2,000 RPM's if you consider that an idle for a 2F.


    Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. 1911

    1911 chupacabra SILVER Star

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    Aug 11, 2006
    Parker County, Texas
    Check the operation of the fuel cut solenoid on the carb. I'm thinking maybe the ground wire got knocked off of either the carb, the vacuum switch on the fender, or the emission "computer" under the dash when you were t-boned.
  3. Monstruo


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    Nov 8, 2011
    Pine Knoll Shores, NC
    Research the posts about the solenoid. Sometimes you have to bypass the computer by hotwiring the solenoid to the carb. Some guys talk about disconnecting the tachometer :(