FJ60 PS mod - next question

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Sep 23, 2005
I'm going to follow the route Pablocruise mapped out & mate an FJ60 relay rod (pitman arm end) to an FJ40 rod (tie rod end) as I have the parts, it seems most direct for what I have, and this truck is not going to be wheeled very hard.
To join them I was thinking of turning a piece of mild steel on the lathe that would match the ID of each piece. Imagine a dowel pin that would slip inside both ends where they would join. So one end of what comes off the lathe would be smaller to fit the ID of the FJ40 end and the other a little larger to fit the ID of the FJ60 end. Then weld together. Was thinking also of drilling a hole through each end, with each hole going through the connecting piece also, and put a pin through each hole to make sure there will be no separation.
So, does this sound like it would work and hold up or is there a better way with what I have to work with? I'm not sure what kind of forces are in play with this part of the steering system but anything doing with steering certainly has my attention and respect.
Or . . . what's better? I want to be driving a safe truck of course, but while being as economical about it as possible too. But if this ain't good, I'll spend the money to be safe if there's a better way.
If you have access to a lathe then just make a custom draglink..
Piece of tubing, and 2 taps is beyond you?
Well, in a word, yes. It's because in addition to boring each end to a different spec and then threading the inside, and I guess a tap must exist to allow that to be done, what always stopped me from thinking past that point was how to accurately cut the ends so that they can be compressed to be clamped to keep the ends in place.
Pretty much any lathe can cut a variety of threads without taps.

Use jam nuts.

Single point is an alternative.

Taps are more accurate tho.

Jam nuts are a easy solution.

If you have the lathe, the taps and jam nuts are simple...

Or, a cutting wheel and some 60 series clamps would do the job nicely as well..
why not just use all 60 series tie rods/steering arms etc? that's the way we go about it in Aus. cut them down (trim them to the same size as the 40 ones you remove).
i'm using 75 series tie rod and drag link along with 75 series steering arms to a 62 box..

although i guess 75series parts are a bit thin on the ground over there..?
Or use an 80 series tie rod with a 40 series drag link end. It can be inserted into the 80 series TRE and welded into the tube. There is plenty of welding surface around the outsid and through the gap of the threads. You can even sleeve it. THe 40 series TRE will screw right into the 80 tie rod at the passenger side tire.

It cannot be any easier. one 80 series TIE, 60 series pitman, and 40 series Drag link end and you are done.

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